As my client, you will have control over the scope and content of my work. During an initial telephone call, I will happily discuss the various options available to you and which one makes the most sense for you.


I will analyse the legal background for you and make recommendations on how to proceed. It goes without saying that I will also support you in finding amicable out-of-court solutions.

Litigation and representation

Often, there is no alternative but to let the court decide on a conflict. In these cases, I represent your interests before the Swiss courts and authorities.

Mediation/Collaborative law

As a trained mediator, I will support you in a structured process to find a joint, co-operative solution to the conflict. The aim is to develop a forward-looking, viable solution in a joint dialogue on an independent basis.

As a collaborative lawyer, I support you as your lawyer in a CLP procedure. In this procedure, all parties to the conflict involve a specially trained collaborative lawyer. Together, an out-of-court and viable solution is worked out.

Expert opinions

On behalf of or for foreign courts or lawyers, I prepare independent expert opinions on a defined cross-border issue.